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86944 wrote

I started working out again, gym isn't too crowded when I go. I found some high quality sunscreen on clearance too.


heckthepolice wrote

Checked out an anarchist bookstore near me that Ive been meaning to go to for a while. It was pretty cool. I didn't end up buying anything because there were a bunch of books I wanted and I didn't have much money on me, but I might go back sometime soon


yaaqov wrote

I got to serendipitously spend a few days with my partner, after their plans for a work trip fell through. We’d been seeing eachother only a few hours every week or so, so it was very nice and imporant and motivating.


mofongo wrote

I look at myself in the mirror the other day and thought to myself: "fuck I'm hot".


dslinguist wrote

I got paid and my mom got married. That’s about it I suppose


bloodrose wrote

My daughter has been happy all weekend. That's awesome.