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TheNerdyAnarchist wrote

I don't remember the whole story, but this podcast dives into individual Propagandhi are the ones that discuss this one:


tuesday OP wrote

I'm like 30 minutes into the first episode linked here and I remember finding this song maybe a few years after the album came out. so it was a song, in my mind, about the popularity of ska music in pop culture.

I've always understood it as a criticism of ska bands that were getting radio play by not expressing the origins of ska in their own bands. Like ska is something different when it's coming from a band of white guys from the suburbs, right? That's what I thought they were calling out! And it was funny because they're also a band of white guys?

But again it was probably 95 or 96 when I heard the song so any real blow back against the song had already passed by the time I became aware of the band at all.