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kinshavo wrote (edited )

I know they got some heat after criticizing rastafari or reggae, right? But idk really this is scene gossip to me.. I probably agree with a lot of points about the criticism of reggae and rastafari (sexism and homophobia, religious shit and etc)

Edit: 3rd wave Ska is non canon imho - 2Tone is kinda Ok bc there is some continuity in the culture, like Britain being the home of many west indies migrants, and northern soul and all that


TheNerdyAnarchist wrote

I don't remember the whole story, but this podcast dives into individual Propagandhi are the ones that discuss this one:


tuesday OP wrote

I'm like 30 minutes into the first episode linked here and I remember finding this song maybe a few years after the album came out. so it was a song, in my mind, about the popularity of ska music in pop culture.

I've always understood it as a criticism of ska bands that were getting radio play by not expressing the origins of ska in their own bands. Like ska is something different when it's coming from a band of white guys from the suburbs, right? That's what I thought they were calling out! And it was funny because they're also a band of white guys?

But again it was probably 95 or 96 when I heard the song so any real blow back against the song had already passed by the time I became aware of the band at all.


tuesday OP wrote

non canon. hahaha One of my on rotation playlists is spanish ska and I'm pretty sure most of the bands are super current. idk what wave of ska we're on right now though.


kinshavo wrote

I know Ska-P and Skalariak. Ska-P is good, the lyrics are very anarchist and all.

I think this 3rd Ska from USA that was a bit toouch commercial, pop appeal and all. And the genre was in fact a cross between 2tone and pop punk. No problem with this, but the scene sometimes looks like something marketed to teenagers, like emocore.

The Ska revival that maybe the point of propaghandi song, is something related to some edgy enthusiasts and trad skins (is this just a way to say this skin is fash but not fash enough?)

And checkered clothing now is a staple for fashion. Many people don't even know there is ska is a music genre, they think it's a marihuana strain or something


tuesday OP wrote

I really like the sound of Ska Cubano, but I think that's because I grew up in a Cuban household, so it's feels familiar in a lot of ways, even though I just started listening to them recently. I also just love hearing the accent lol.

One of my other favorites is Inspector. They are so dang good.

I'm still learning Spanish so I don't really understand lyrics yet unless I look for them online. Reading is easier than listening. I haven't heard Ska P before so I'll give them a shot today :)