Some houseless people menstruate. It's not some luxury to "just stop doing". teenvogue.com

Submitted by gone in homeless

I had this kickass weirdass body that didn't bleed that much or that unpredictably and it was the flipping EIGHTIES when I was homeless so toilet paper did the trick.

Taylor's body is normal and I'm the freak. Much as I hate commercial menstrual products, I am in a position to buy a few just so I can give them away.

Those of you with better communication skills might want to think about sharing menstrual cups instead, which are reusable and safe for first world peeps who have reasonable access to fresh water. The most popular brand was uncomfortable for my daughters when they were in their late teens or early twenties. The UK Mooncup is supposed to be the best for younger people.

Less expensive and easy to make are cloth pads, which can be as simple as a few layers of terrycloth sandwiched between soft flannel and attached to the underpants with a pair of safety pins. These, unfortunately, would be impractical without a reasonably private sink or basin, hot water, and a private and dry place to hang them up.

Menstruating is not a luxury. I remember male sexual/relationship partners getting angry with me and saying that "we" didn't have enough money for tampons "this week" so I would just have to wait to menstruate until I got paid. I remember the humiliation more than thirty years later and I remember that I stopped asking and just made do with toilet paper or paper napkins or cutting up some of my own clothing. I remember learning how to hide my periods so well that some of my partners genuinely believed I didn't even have a uterus.

Unfortunately, I don't remember any of the nice things about my partners that made me want to do those things for them.

If just a few of the people who tossed quarters in my guitar case had tossed in a tampon instead and it hadn't been any bigger deal than when they gave me an apple instead of a quarter or a can of Fancy Feast for my cat.....well, you get the point. We have the power to do one very small thing for one houseless woman that is going to make a huge difference in one life.

Imma buy some tampons so I can give them away.


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Xylanthius wrote (edited )

When I was homeless I kept myself underweight so i wouldn't have a period to deal with. Also the stress of living outside made my periods very irregular.

I think a menstrual cup is probably better for a homeless person than tampons.