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I am just getting into DIY and electronics so please forgive my ignorance and lack of google foo.

I want to run several Pi 4s on a single outdoor circuit. From everything I have read a Pi 4 pulls 3 amps at .5 watts. If I connect 6 Pi 4s on a single 15 amp breaker will that breaker trip? Or would I see a 3amp draw and the watts would stack and pull 3 watts?



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happy wrote

Amps times voltage equals watts. Depends on the voltage of the breaker. If its a residential breaker it should be more than enough.


Bird wrote

Assuming that you are using 120 volts, on a normal 15 amp circuit you would be able to run 90 Raspberry Pi 4s, or on 240 you could power around 180 of them safely. That's at least using the official numbers provided on the power supply spec, you could probably run even more if you aren't doing much with them as the rated wattage is at full load. I also could have my calculations completely wrong, but you could definitely run 6 no problem.

Hopefully that was of some help.



6c_6f_76_65 OP wrote

This gives me the answer I need. I juts need to sit down and understand the math.