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Have you checked under the couch? Lots of stuff roll under the couch.



TwentyFiveCharsOrLess OP wrote (edited )

I did a lot of x86 kernel work. Assembler was a must. Some stuff, like accessing the cmos memory, requires abuse of inline assembler. Even some newer x86-64 stuff needs inline assembler for stuff like entering ring -1.


dirtythou586 wrote

Uhh, that's more of a learning project than an exploitation exercise. Feel free to do it if you want to but personally I don't think it'll help unless you want to try to find exploits in the parser later to practice binary exploitation.

Most of the times exploits are written using a high level language like Python to make things easier, and most of the time people are going to use some utility library like pwntools to speed things up even more


dirtythou586 wrote

Well if you think that it would benefit your understand of sockets, then sure. Although I'm pretty sure most of it would just be figuring out how to communicate with the operating system APIs.

Also, most web exploits are done with some loophole in the application code, not with sockets. Sockets are just a way to transport the data (unless you can figure out a way to exploit that transport of course).