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GrimWillow wrote (edited )

The gaming world is so fucked up. I like how easy it is to make a PSP emulator for them, but just give it to the public? Nah, lets just try to include a whole new emulator in each game that needs it.

Kind of reminds of how when they started including "Downloadable Content" on the disk, to be unlocked once you paid for it. So...they actually sold you all of the code...and you bought it...and it's there...but the only difference is that they didn't get more money for it? Even if you had to spend more time to make it...the time was already spent at that point...

Also reminds me of software outside of the gaming world, like how texting never had cost anything in resources, but hey, companies charged anyway. Or when google introduced larger space in email services, and suddenly every popular service didn't have to charge you $5 a month for that 100mb and now gives more despite claims of it having been a "value" before...


zombie_berkman wrote

Welcome to proprietary software


GrimWillow wrote

Yea, proprietary software, or copyright in general, is a mistake for humanity, but the internet isn't exactly built and controlled by people who care about I'm not surprised to see the FLOSS community forced to struggle against capitalist enterprise. The capitalists even know that without the Open Source movement, entire industries wouldn't exist, but they continue to suppress the movement anyway.