Submitted by spuwuky in hackbloc

sites i'm aware of so far:

censys seems the least annoying about tor connections, but i hate the search operators and am just kinda lazy. zoomeye hates tor and wants an email and # and again, i'm lazy. shodan rate limits you eventually and is the least friendly about tor.

i'm curious if there's a tor service that effectively does the same thing these sites do. that would be based, but obviously it would probably be kept secret. even still.. any cute and gay hackers here that know something i dont?



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Fool wrote

Is there a reason you need to access these via TOR?

These are websites I access at work, so it seems odd to hide your utilisation of these sites.


spuwuky OP wrote

a practical reason? not really. a preference reason? yes


usrfree wrote (edited )

Just go incognito that's enough : )