Submitted by rolo in hackbloc (edited )

Does anyone know how I can send free mass emails without being traced? I clarify that the idea is that it does not reach a spam tray, the message to be sent is a simple text with a link that does not have virus or something like that, only one important document.




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Fool wrote

It'd probably depend if you want to send to multiple people at the same organisation or target people across the world.

The arms race of spam makes it hard to just connect to an open relay or something.

I had an idea, but I just noticed you said free, and my idea had a bit of setup in buying some domains anonymously to legitimise the traffic.

You might find something for a single spear phishing run, but I doubt anyone would want to risk getting block-listed as spammers for free.


rolo OP wrote (edited )

Thank you, I wanted to know if there was a free way but it is good to know other possible options. The message I want to send is to different organizations. Do you know where can I buy some domains anonymously to legitimise the traffic?


Fool wrote (edited )

FYI, I'm going from a theoretical standpoint, on how to bypass spam filters. With a DIY approach.

Not sure which services are best for hosting or registration, one example is

You'll want to include MX, dmarc, and SPF which point back to the server address which will send the emails.

I noticed a website claiming to do what I am suggesting, but they aren't anonymous,, you might find some extra ideas there.

Hope I'm not accidentally aiding something I don't agree with.


rolo OP wrote

You can be calm, I just want to report some incorrect activities of employees of some organizations. But I do not want anyone to know who I am because I belong to one of the organizations. Thanks


realLeviathan wrote

Well, the best advice I can give you is to create a mail server on a anonymous machine, with tor on it. Create multiple addresses, and then send if you can.

It's totally free! But risky. Double check everything before starting it..