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thelegendarybirdmonster wrote

Is it possible for posts to have their own forum like /f/facebook and /f/reddit?

I do not care at all about it and I can't hide the posts if they are spread out on different forums.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

they don't deserve that kind of notoriety.

i'd rather post hacking news to f/hackbloc anyway


kin wrote

Imagine the Paranoia about Raddlers and bad anarchists


ziq OP wrote

Their users should be paranoid about what rank amateurs they are at coding. Holy shit that was an embarassing mistake.


willow wrote

A role checking function prevents people from using this to register an admin account account by checking for “admin” role being assigned and preventing it. It was not checking for the “sitemod” role.

sounds like they didn't even identify that the root cause of the problem was inappropriate use of a blacklist instead of a whitelist.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Yeah wow. I mean, i expected there to be some problems with the backend due to the total requirement for javascript...but this is pretty impressively foolish on their part, lol


Pop wrote

that's really fun