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I've only been playing for 8 months, and recently I've become obsessed with picks (I guess because they are cheap and there are so many to try). Some of the ones I've tried:

Tortex standards. Tried 0.6mm, 0.73, 0.88, 1.0. I liked the thinner ones more, the 0.73 I clung to because it was Hendrix's pick but I do like the 0.6 as well. Maybe it's because I can grip it less firmly for picking fast power chords.

Clayton Eagles. Tried 0.63mm and 0.8. I liked the 0.63, it felt good to hold and a little more substantial than the tortex. I'd prefer it over the tortex of the same size I think.

Dunlop Nylop Max Grip: Tried 0.88mm. This thing is verrry flexible; it flexes more than the 0.6mm of either of the previous. It felt cool with the grip though, I might try these in other thicknesses. And actually it felt easier to glide over the strings, since I assume the plastic is molded rounded on the end.

Jazz III: Very cool to have the small size, but it's not necessarily better (at this point in my playing). I actually did NOT like the red standard one, it was too thick and slippery. So I grabbed a tortex green jazz III sized, and like that more. But again, not sure if it's better.

Generic 0.43mm Pick: Got this in a pack for free with my guitar case. They are extremely flimsy and feel great strumming chords, but are hard to pick with. Probably will stay away less I develop a bad habit of choosing super flimsy picks.

Fender Celluloid Standard: It plays kinda like the 0.73 tortex, but is slippery. Nothing amazing about it after trying all these crazy picks.

Dunlop Primetone: Pretty cool feeling the elevated grip surface, the sound was alright. Wasn't ecstatic about the feel of the 0.96mm.

When I get home I will have some "Jazz III XL" picks waiting for me, which I think I'll like because they are bigger but have a sharp point. So I'll comment on those later!



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zzuum OP wrote

So I got the jazz III xl picks. One was a delrin primetone. It was too slick feeling even with the grip, but it flowed nicely. The next was a "tosin abasi" signature, but it's really just a tortex. I love this size though, this is my pick for now.


zzuum OP wrote

I've actually settled on Clayton Acetal triangles. Not sure why but I love the size of them.