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asterism OP wrote (edited )

Reply to comment by tuesday in 6 REASONS you SUCK at guitar! by asterism

Oh it is though I think its easier for arpeggios than a pick.

Actually useful advice you can strum without a pick. Justin guitar has a good video on it here

Jazz, country, and folk guitarists play chords without picks all the time (though jazz chords are a whole different beast). It makes it a lot easier to get a distinct "bass line" when you play guitar because you can play the lowest string with your thumb and then strum with your pointer or pluck with the other three or four fingers. You can also just strum with your thumb which is also common enough.

edit: and bonus advice you also can just find your own way to play. If your goal is to just to play without concern of being great just play around until you find something that works. It can be totally wrong and weird but if it works for what you want who cares yeah?


tuesday wrote

would that work on an electric? i only have an electric right now (it's real hard to find an acoustic lefty guitar that isn't mad expensive)


lettuceLeafer wrote

Yeah it does. It does sound different tho. If u make ur amp super loud u can just kinda rub the strings and it sounds pretty nice. Tho if ur fingernail snags it's loud af.


tuesday wrote

I'm gonna get acrylics and learn to play like Dolly