[PROPOSAL] Your thoughts on a weekly Sidebar Challenge?

Submitted by Tequila_Wolf in growth

Hi all!

I've been thinking. A bunch of the major forums' sidebars are really insubstantial and could use attention.

for example, f/antifa, and f/PoC, f/empire, f/socialism ... ...

I'm not sure how meaningful people think it is to really give them substance and make them into something worth visiting the forum to see, but it seems like something worth doing to me.

I assume some moderators are going to be updating their sidebars on their own, but I thought we could also do one per week collectively by discussing it on a raddle post.

Thoughts? And proposals for the first sidebar to fixup?


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Pop wrote

I'll participate

For now moderators could also just repurpose the corresponding reddit sidebar for the relevant subs where appropriate


sudo wrote

This sounds nice. We should probably start with the most subscribed-to forums.


ziq wrote

Do any of you want to mod those neglected subs?