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sudo wrote

No we don't, or we would act differently, and different debates would be in the foreground.

Really? Can you show me where somebody says they don't think PoC are oppressed? Because I've never seen anyone say that on this website, save for the nazi trolls from a few weeks ago.

There definitely is much more to say.

Such as?

To my best understanding, nobody finishes doing this, this is a completely naive position, and I think your response here clearly belies the fact that you need to do more

You cut off the rest of my sentence, where I said I am constantly on guard for bigoted thoughts. I never said I was done, I said the bulk of clearing out the muck was accomplished long ago. Now it's a constant state of upkeep.

You don't need to broadcast the process, necessarily. I'm saying we need to express the level of consciousness of these questions in ways that make others feel at home, and part of that means our taking on a serious engagement with them ourselves.

Could you give an example? That's too vague for me to understand your meaning.