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zer0crash wrote (edited )

Very much agreed with opsec, and its pretty well known fedbook is now merely am extension of the NSA. But in the context of expanding our userbase we may have to meet people where they are at unfortunately, lest we slide into obscurity. 2017 and onward will continue to be a practice of balancing security and promoting public awareness.

I've had this idea to promote people using Tor in particular: Pages with mixed regular http content and onion content! It could even be a puzzle, where one could only see all the pieces when browsing with tor.


sudo wrote

Good point. I suppose it should be someone who doesn't live in a "Five Eyes" country, since they would be less at risk for using Facebook.

As for the Tor thing, I'm doing something similar by making all my intra-raddle links onion links by default, and then having a separate, non-onion link right beside them, like at the top of this post.