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zhopka wrote

I wonder if that takes .onion users in account. I, for instance, haven't accessed the clearnet address even once.


ziq wrote (edited )

143000 unique visitors a month apparently. Seems high.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Yeah, very high - I wonder how reliable this is. Not sure what we can take from this, especially assuming many of our user are on Tor or using VPNs.


ziq wrote (edited )

It's not really about our users tho, it's lurkers that stumble onto the site from search engines and social media and read without making an account. I keep being surprised how many times I look for info on something on duckduckgo and the top result is a raddle thread. Even the anarchy101 wiki is on the first page of google search already when you search "anarchy101".


ziq wrote

Can someone with 'advanced plan' take screenshots?