Some things you can do if you like raddle!

Submitted by Tequila_Wolf in growth

  1. Upvote/downvote. Upvote things you think contribute to the space (whether you generally agree with them or not). This gives posters a sense of what is appreciated and gives visitors to the site a sense that it’s actually used. Just because upvotes and downvotes don’t affect much compared to reddit with its karma system, or because comments are weighted more significantly than votes, doesn’t mean that votes don’t do other significant kinds of work.

  2. Comment! If you rarely comment, probably one of the best things you can do for raddle is to decide to pick a couple articles each day and try to post a thoughtful comment about each.

  3. Make submissions! If you’re thinking about something, ask the community about it. If you have an opinion, post it for discussion. Mutual growth is probably one of the best things we can get from this place. If you have OC, that’s great, and if you come across interesting stuff, post it!

  4. Moderate the forums you participate in. One way to remove the hierarchy involved between moderators and users is for everybody who participates in a forum to become a moderator. This also will help with cleaning up spam posts.

  5. And of course, there are always ways you can contribute with coding, whether its with postmill, related software, or bots.

  6. Outside of Raddle, promoting the space when the opportunity organically arises can be helpful. Part of what's involved with that is knowing what this place has to offer. Have you looked at our wikis? Have you checked out a lot of the forums? Some of them are quite specialised and well-curated, and linking to them in other online conversations can be useful all-round.


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ziq wrote (edited )

My only concern with making everyone a mod is there's still no system in place to undelete things and there's no way to know if someone is going to be a fair mod or delete everything on a forum out of spite.

Conniecommie was editting people's comments on a forum she mods to make them (me) say ridiculous things, then banning everyone she doesn't like. Not everyone is suited to moderating. It takes a lot of restraint to not abuse a mod position in such a politically charged climate.


ergdj5 wrote

IMO, mod positions shouldn't be handed out like candy; but the idea of free association should come into play here, and if the mods suck, you make your own forum since it takes next to no effort to do so.


ziq wrote

I agree, except for the major (featured) forums where admins should keep a closer eye on the mods. This site isn't big enough that we can just all move to f/news2 when an f/news mod decides to ban all their political opponents.


ziq wrote

Also a note re:promotion. You need to be ready to deal with reactionary trolls that will always show up to accuse the place of being a fed honeypot filled with rapists and pedos.


ziq wrote

You can also make memes with urls on them and post them around the internet.