Note! We've had an increase of posts and users, so

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Hey all!

I just wanted to point out some new things and make an observation.

Over the last week or two we picked up a few more users. One result of this is that in the busier parts of the day, posts aren't even starting on the first page anymore. Which is great, and its a sign that we're growing steadily.

And ziq's moderation request thread was by far the most responded to in the history of raddle, so it's given me a strong sense that we're building a meaningful community here. Also great!

The thing I wanted to mention is now that we have standardly a handful of big conversation topics going at once, and then a bunch of relatively-high voted posts, fresh posts less than an hour old are regularly getting minimum attention on page 2 onward. This is possibly because many of us have gained the habit of only really checking page 1. So, if you're interested, you might want to change your browsing habits to cover more ground.

Note complete :)


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ziq wrote (edited )

All the best stuff is on page 2 anyway because you post your links earlier than everyone else and they drop there by the time the US wakes up.



zod wrote

In case anyone is unaware, you can change your default front page in your user settings.


buzz wrote

is there anyway i can do a 'hot' for the week considering a 'top' for the week would be meaningless because upvotes are meaningless. this different algorithm would be helpfull if i havent been on raddle for a week