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Banned wrote

Crock to blame others about history where everyone is dead and gone, like war memorials a macabre bs to a time in history.

Two words SOD OFF with rhetoric to anyone peddling this type of GUFF


WhitesMustFaceOurHistory OP wrote (edited )

where everyone is dead and gone

Apartheid ended in 1994. I was alive in apartheid and I am quite young. IE you are full of shit.

The transition from apartheid to democracy was negotiated and compromised with big business at the helm. Mandela was groomed for leadership and the less radical sector of the ANC was overwhelmingly promoted ahead of the communists by local and international interests.

CODESA was a literal cooption process whose sunset clause ensured that the apartheid government had its claws in the new democracy.

The TRC was coopted from the start, conceived by executives (like Andrew Boraine) of the largest company in the country (Anglo American) in order to create a basic narrative to hold a fragmented country together, in order that they may make more profits in a country that would no longer be marred in sanctions.

I hope your ignorance is as enjoyable as you think it is.


Banned wrote

Fuck history, Fuck stupidity and who cares about slavery, it is just another emotional hook. People live and die in horrible situations- their suffering may be very real.

But who cares except bleeding hearts and those with with a agenda to force on others.


theheart wrote

Everyone has an agenda. You choose to hide yours because you know it would be rejected by reasonable people.


ziq wrote

Slavery doesn't matter because emotion, lol. What the fuck is wrong with you.


mofongo wrote

Enslave white people! They can handle it better than those emotional SJW!


LanguageBot wrote

I've noticed you used the ableist word "stupid" in your comment, please refrain from doing so.
Consider instead: uninformed, reckless, impulsive, ignorant, risk-taking, risky and dangerous, dipshit

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Mango wrote

White genocide please. Start with you.