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Yo! Any where I should really check out in Barcelona?

Also…why does no one write on rooftops here? Is it considered part of the graffiti code here? I have mostly just seen graff on roll downs



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GroundFrost wrote

Thats strange. If the spots are there i feel like people should paint them. Did you end up seeing any?


veuzi wrote (edited )

I was in Barcelona recently. I recall seeing a lot of well-made pieces and tags all over the southwestern parts and especially in the areas of Sants and L'hospitalet de Llobregat. Those areas also happen to be where most of Barcelona's former and current industry is located, so there are potential urbexing possibilities as well for the more hidden spots. Tons of squats in the area too, including ones that occupy old factory premises. Didn't stay long enough to point out anywhere more specific though.