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lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

Being an anarchist and also being passionate about governments getting their rightful revenue is so weird. I guess the post left critique that leftists inherently have the "systems values" but the difference is they have the systems values taken to the logical conclusion. i literally can't imagine how u could not like the government but are upset at governments not getting money to make a bigger prison or some nukes.


moonlune wrote

its a nice zinger that gets the libs sweaty


lettuceLeafer wrote

libs famously hate when rich people pay taxes lol. And like anyone left of like joe biden doesn't think a queen should exisit lol


ziq OP wrote (edited )

it's just pointing out that the rich don't pay taxes while we do. exposing hierarchical hypocrisy is anarchy 101

if the heads of state don't pay taxes why should we


lettuceLeafer wrote

if the heads of state don't pay taxes why should we

This is kinda what I meant when I said this was a statement with leftist logic. So often the catch phrase of leftist is that working for a capitalist is bad because they steal from their workers by not paying them everything they produce. So the problem of hierarchy is its not fair or just. While i don't like being bossed arround no matter how fair.

So with the taxes its a argument of fairness. Taxes are wrong because they are unfair. While I don't care how fair they are. Rich people could have a 100 percent taxation rate and I wouldn't change my position on taxes. I don't care about fairness.

Tho I'm def over analyzing this when the meme is haha queen gets graffitied. Which is funny