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ziq wrote

so weird how he teamed up with a cop in the movie


kinshavo OP wrote

The Cop is a quintessential Hollywood stock Character. That's why kids wat to be cops, with all this propaganda is difficult to see how bad cops are of they are helping Sonic beat some TechnoVillain.

While my friends wanted to be cops or doctors I wanted to be a scientist when grow up. Maybe bc of Beakman's World lol


ziq wrote

i wanted to be batman, i even wore a cape and a cowl my mother made and i spent every waking moment lost in my imagination to the point where i couldn't see the world around me because it was overpowered by the worlds i was creating in my mind non stop


CaptainACAB wrote (edited )

I never wanted a job growing up.

The adults in my life always complained about bills and how much they hated their jobs so often that I had no enthusiasm for it.

What I did want to do was live off of big stores that sold a bunch of shit. Like, I used to daydream about eating stolen food in a corner where no one could see me and sneaking in to mattress stores at night for a place to sleep.

Then I learned that people get paid to patrol these places, hate the homeless, and are encouraged to snitch.


kinshavo OP wrote


I think I stopped daydreaming this hard in my teens, and since then I can't enjoy much of boardgames or even videogames. As a kid I used to play with stuff like cardboard boxes or empty Pill bottles imagining submarines or rockets and everything around me was the scenario, little bugs were NPCs. A whole damn Minecraft server in my Imagination.