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subrosa wrote

beautifully illustrated lol


snack wrote

love their body language

also, i was always under the impression that most (or at least many?) nuns were lesbians, no?


snack wrote

especially historically speaking - joining a covent was the only respectable way for aristocratic women to not marry. which is why i assumed many of those who did were gay or asexual or queer in whatever way.


monday OP wrote

Could be one of those public secrets from centuries...

I remember the case of one community, that agreed to participate in a gestalt psychology study (if my memory font fail me) and became a radical group of nuns

Researching I saw that someone did a doc about it called Rebel Hearts


snack wrote

haha actual radical lesbian nuns - the more you know!

well, thanks for the inspiration, now i know what i'll be for halloween