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lettuceLeafer wrote

Am I the only one not really that into or interested in the whole the exploited worker is being stolen from by their boss narrative. I mean I don't like capitalist but I never found that leftist narrative all too useful and think its weird when people say it.


kinshavo OP wrote

For me leftism and socialist propagand is sugar coating some obvious stuff for folks that are in denial... But like subrosa said,isn't useful for real stuff, is it adverse for a more green nihilist anarchist issurecto stance? Maybe... Sometimes the damage of leftism is more obvious to me


subrosa wrote

I agree, it isn't all that useful. Anarchists love to set the stage for Marxist talking points, with a rather exclusive focus on anti-capitalism (often based on a private vs socialized property juxtaposition), class struggle, the revolution.


[deleted] wrote


lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

I mean I call myself a capitalist since I own a limited amount of means of production that I profit off of while providing no work. But yeah very few people call themself a capitalist.

I do it mostly to highlight the absurdity of the capitalist worker dynamic and queer it up a bit bc Marxism is silly.