Gendered pronouns

Submitted by tnstaec in glossopoeia

are strange altogether. But I've been considering the implications that in many languages it is third person singular pronouns that are inflected. Why not the first person, instead?

In Thai there's a polite final particle that can occur in various sentences. You would say "...khaa," if you're female, or "...krap," if you're male. Maybe this sort of gender self-reporting inherent in Thai grammar has some relation to the relative prominence of kathoey?



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shanoxilt wrote

I tried searching Google, but I can't get a satisfactory reason why.


yaaqov wrote

This is somewhat tangential, but I wonder if the recently grammaticalized first person pronoun 'man' in some London and Toronto Englishes has a gendered distribution..


juliebean wrote

first person is inflected in japanese, iirc.


BrownieKage wrote

I'm not a linguist at all, but it coincides with the narrative of gender not being suppossed to be self-reported. you get a gender assigned at birth, and your parents and community are supposed to gender you and teach you how to perform masculinity/femininity according to it. in this process, you are never expected to confirm or declare your own gender at all. it's more like a thing others see in you, than a thing you state for others to know