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ti selsa'a sera'a lo nu cinxai .oi ro'i .e lo lifri be ri

Composed, arranged, and performed by Rachel Gardener.

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lo glibau xe fanva ( English translation: )

This dusty world feels so strange
While I’m fighting this fate
And this new beginning tastes sour to me
Because of the rake

But you would never sell your soul
For gold won with precious blood.
After all, we have to live this life 
Because it’s the limit of our existence

And you burst into flames like the sun
But brighter in intensity!
Yet I’m sorry that the light of your love 
Is beginning to turn gray.
Where do I go?
When I’m going nowhere
And I know I’ll never ever find you

I wasted all my time
Counting the painful days
I waited so long, and yet I’m a fool
For not knowing what being loved felt like

But I finally began to understand it
Right when I lost you
And now I see the words before me
That spell out joyful “LOVE”


I’m a song that has no singer
I’m a bell that doesn’t make a sound
And the sand dunes over here
Are crying out to me that I am the one who plays the music


[OUTRO] (x2)
I will cease to be an object
Where stars are all around
Please don’t cry for that material existence
My love, I’m flying away

And I’m scared, but I’m going to the sky
Away from my world full of trauma
If I can't stay where I belong
My love, I’m flying away

Flying on wings made of you, my love
My love, I’m flying away on wings made of you ```


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