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yaaqov wrote

I think absolutely! I'll say this; /u/kittybecca's current idea is very cool but definitely is something of an advanced project, as it seems to presuppose each participant's comfort with making a language on their own. Perhaps, as a first project engaged in by the conlang-interested among us, something closer to "just a collaboratively designed language" (as per /u/shanoxilt's original posting), without the additional layers of simulated history (at first, at least) and independent work, might be a better first project for getting each other on the page and for developing a communicative foundation.

What do y'all think? (I suppose this should be a top level comment).

Also, yeah I think a matrix channel is a good idea. I don't know how to make one, though.


kore wrote

Yeah I agree. I think it would be really nice to make a conlang with others instead of on my own because that would be a way for me to get into it without taking on the effort of an entire language