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I gotta say, I do favour some phonemes over other. The alveolar and uvular trills(Spanish/Parisian French trills respectively), the dental fricative(that th sound in English), that beautiful alveolar lateral fricative (the ll of the Welsh), the unvoiced labial-velar fricative (in the English dialects that didn't go through the wine-whine merger). And that ts affricate like in tsunami, just so nice.

Vowels I've always been a bit less keen on, at least as they are. I do like the sound of some diphthongs though (the /aI/ in sky and /oʊ/ in owe).



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I love you!


Quicksilver OP wrote

Quite a sonorous set of phones, I quite like it. The voiced labiodental fricative being the exception, but I can let it slide...