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TheNerdyAnarchist wrote

Gemini is essentially like a lightweight WWW. Text only, no ads, no javascript, no bullshit.


__0 wrote

Well Gemini pages can link to html pages and vice versa no problem, they are both accessable on the internet in the same way, you run a browser that turns the markdown language into an image on your screen, processes style sheets etx, the difference comes down to some pretty minor Technical things, such as theres a lot of limitations and simplification to how Gemini is Written and rendered, resulting in much smaller pages faster loading times and better accessability. Mark down languages like html have a lot of bells and whistles, and are often used together with a bunch of other languages such as css, JavaScript, and include a lot of tracking, cookies, profiling etc.

A lot of people have a lot of political reasons to want a simpler internet,

Gemini creates a niche outside of a lot of the complexities of the internet, and I'm pretty excited about what I've seen on it.


SnowCode wrote

The first link is a "proxy" for the second link. The second link is intended for people who already use Gemini and the first one is intended for people who don't use Gemini yet. Those links are the official pages of the Gemini project.

I'll make a quickstart guide about Gemini at some point. For now i made a messy page about it


SnowCode wrote (edited )

u/Sails I don't know if you checked out the other pages on the first link but I think this can answer a lot of your questions about Gemini (like what it is, how to access it, the goals, the name, what is a proxy, etc) : Gemini FAQ

PS: I also modified the forum's sidebar to include the FAQ.

PS2: You also mentioned a mirror for the anarchist library I don't know if you were talking about me or not but I'm not doing an anarchist library mirror, yet. What I done was a Raddle mirror (very very early phase)

PS3 (lol): I learned there is actually someone trying to mirror anarchist library on gemini, if you have the link to their project I'm interested ^^ I just know the nickname of that person (which I've seen somewhere else but I can't remember where)

All the links in this response are links to my proxy, so you can open them without problems.