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Ant OP wrote

I guessed as much, but does that mean a whole separate internet, or just another way of doing the internet from within the internet, or what?


__0 wrote

Well Gemini pages can link to html pages and vice versa no problem, they are both accessable on the internet in the same way, you run a browser that turns the markdown language into an image on your screen, processes style sheets etx, the difference comes down to some pretty minor Technical things, such as theres a lot of limitations and simplification to how Gemini is Written and rendered, resulting in much smaller pages faster loading times and better accessability. Mark down languages like html have a lot of bells and whistles, and are often used together with a bunch of other languages such as css, JavaScript, and include a lot of tracking, cookies, profiling etc.

A lot of people have a lot of political reasons to want a simpler internet,

Gemini creates a niche outside of a lot of the complexities of the internet, and I'm pretty excited about what I've seen on it.