Submitted by SnowCode in gemini (edited )

Hello! I am making a Raddle mirror on Gemini. It's currently not doing much and includes the following:

  • Listing submissions from all forums (homepage when not connected)
  • Listing submissions from individual forums
  • Reading submissions and accessing links
  • Getting bio of users
  • Getting other infos like score, number of comments, author and timestamp
  • Caching some pages to avoid being rate-limited + reading pages much faster

My priority is to include the following:

  • Support for comments
  • Making site-links working
  • Support for wiki

Known bugs:

  • Weird things happening in user's bio
  • Some forums cannot be loaded (f/memer) because the pinned message's id is 5 digit instead of 6 as written in the code

Here is a demo (might not be functional, please tell me if it doesn't work):


Web proxy if you don't have a gemini client and would like to try anyway:

My web proxy

Here's the source code of the project:

SnowCode/gemfrog on Codeberg

This post on gemini:

web proxy




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TheNerdyAnarchist wrote

Works for me...hard for Raddle to translate to gemini because there's (probably?) no way to filter out non-text posts.


SnowCode OP wrote

What do you mean?


TheNerdyAnarchist wrote

It's difficult for Raddle to make much sense exclusively via gemini because for instance, when I went on last night, a majority of the front page posts were all memes. If there was a way to filter it so that text posts only showed up or something (e.g. your OP here), that would be cool.


SnowCode OP wrote

Sorry for the delay. The problem is that making it text-only would also mean loosing a lot of content from the site. I'll try to include support for comments and wiki as well so it would have more sense to have it on gemini.

Maybe we can add something like "[HTTP]" or "[IMG]" in the title of the lists?


emoticons wrote

i like it Wooooow!!!! :O

also You are including multi forums, cool! :)


SnowCode OP wrote

Glad you like it :) I'll try to fix the few bugs before trying to include comments as well.