Submitted by TheNerdyAnarchist in gemini (edited )

There are obviously full blown Gemini browsers for Android (although, the one I'd previously used - Ariane - is apparently gone now? I went to look for this post, and the website is blank, and the git repo 404s), but this app sets up a proxy you can use with your normal Android web browser (Firefox, Fennec, Chrome, etc).

Basically you open the app, press the "Open in Browser" button, and voilà!

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work in Tor Browser for Android, as I assume there becomes an issue of port hell.

Xenia is FLOSS and is available on F-droid



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SnowCode wrote (edited )

Xenia is nice in deed. I personally prefer to use my own kineto instance or Deedum because I prefer the style of those. But Xenia is really good too! In the past there was Ariane but the maintainer removed the repo.