I need to vent; please reply if you have ever felt the same. I'm fucking angry at this system in a way I've never felt.

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A day ago I went to one of the biggest climate protests in history. So many passionate, diverse school kids full of hope for the future. After, I wheat-pasted, spray-painted, put stickers up in my local area. I have hope that this system can change. I went on social media to see the kids being called names, being misinformed about by right-wingers, denying climate change... I replied to my best abilities. There are so many of these fucks and they're so slimy. Then I saw fucking Tucker Carlson with his asshole face on my YouTube feed, talking about how the climate protests are an "evil leftist agenda". All I could think of was bashing him square in the face.

How do you have hope in times like these? I.C.E? Trump? All this misinformation? These patriarchial-imperialist-racist-capitalists have drained humanity and this fucking planet with their profit margins in mind. The government does not care about people or the planet and the fucks are hands in pockets with the capitalists. We just want change. And fuck, I want it the easy way. I don't like having to use violence; I hate it. But if they continue with their deceitful FUCKING war on the working class+on this planet and DO NOT CHANGE, then hear me: your offices will smell of freshly exploded nail bombs, covered in blood; burning office paper in the air. Your websites and markets will crash in cyber-attacks that I will make sure everything to make sure it happens. Your mining machines: monkeywrenched. Your president: beheaded with a blunt machete.

Change is coming whether they like it or not. I wish all change was peaceful, but this has gone on for too long. Too much damage has been done. I have the ability for this, and so the day comes when they think everything is business as usual: it will not be. I will do it alone, violently if I have to.

I hope somebody out there understands this anger. These peaceful protests feel like they are pointless.



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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I think everybody here is angry. Despair and hopelessness largely make sense, and I think pretty much anybody with a grip on the depth of the situation will be floored by it. But then after a moment you're still here, you still have to make do with what exists. So I personally adjust the lens I have on my expectations, see that the work I'd have to do in a hopeful world is not too different from the work I have to do in a hopeless one, and get to it.

By an large though I don't think revenge fantasies are productive. If we define ourselves too much in relation to our oppressors we often find ourselves reproducing their values at a deeper level even as we reject them.

You're not alone in this. The world's been full of genuine resistance for as long as there's been oppression. Which is my roundabout way of saying; there's no use in framing this as something you'll do alone. Building a better world can't be done alone. And the world doesn't need Great Heroes. Just people who do good work, who affect the world, who open it up to all the possibilities it brings. Finding them is part of what makes living on this planet bearable, for me at least.

I hope you stick around on raddle and find this place to do good things for you.


celebratedrecluse wrote

I agree, IME it is harder to discipline oneself to take the daily actions necessary for building autonomy if one acquiesces to the dominant societal affect-- rage, anxiety, depression.

However, these emotions can also facilitate action, and they have their place too.


mofongo wrote

Your post inspired me to write protest signs:

Unheard protests lead to riots!

Obey the eco-protesters or submit to the eco-terrorist.

The world will change, either we adapt or the world will kill us.

Climate skepticism is a hoax!

And several memes, may make them, maybe. Perhaps. If I have time. So probably not.


rot wrote

Unheard protests lead to riots!

i like this one


asg101 wrote

People are FINALLY beginning to realize that it really is them or us at this point. The elite won't stop their greed and planetary destruction willingly, power never accedes voluntarily.
As Utah Phillips put it so wonderfully decades ago: "The planet isn't dying, it is being killed. And those killing it have names and addresses" (Yeah, I know the PLANET will still be here after greed makes it unlivable. but he made his point.)


castwoy wrote

Won't you need help?