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existential1 wrote

Honestly I have mixed feelings about this. We (I'm from the US) are there w/out any authorization (nothing from Congress, nothing from the UN, nothing from the Syrian government[obviously not on this part]). By no standard other than "the US does what it wants" are we there. It's obviously a failed state with at this point the proxy war type involvement of many states, but I'd rather lean on everyone get out instead of everyone get in.

All that being said, the fallout from some minor withdrawal (likely air support staying) could be that ethnic minorities will be screwed is also terrible. There are no winners here...everyone loses. It's a great example of how the insistence of these modern types of states and the capitalist economy is patently awful and unprepared to deal with the problems it creates.


hipnotizarles wrote

It seems pretty clear cut; the US should stay because the alternative is a genocide.