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polpotisevil2 wrote

There needs to be more told about how people do not have to pay the shit. If you get a medical bill you can't pay, don't fucking pay it. All that will happen is a bad credit score and a debt collector stalking you. Get a cheap gun or carry a knife or even just be ready to chase them. Most won't even resort to methods where you would have to confront them. And don't even acknowledge the debt collectors unless they try some stupid shit, which if you play it right you have no fault for defending against them.

Any of the situations that result from not paying it are much better than the situations that result from having no fucking money. I'd never work for five years just to pay debt off. Fuck that.


mofongo wrote

Sadly, that advice doesn't work everywhere. Here the IV is not removed until you pay in full, that is if you get treated at all, hospitals refuse emergency patients that they believe can't afford the bill.


thelegendarybirdmonster wrote

I had a friend who had a panic attack in a mountain in poland and got heli-ported out.

They didn't even ask for his name.


rot wrote

not paying could bar someone from renting, ever getting another loan, insurance could go up...

there are punishments for not paying the mob


polpotisevil2 wrote

Yes, it does depend on your situation. But I reckon that a lot of people are in situations that I have been in in the past, and that I have spoken to many people who are in these situations. Many people don't bother with credit and don't have or even use a credit card. These people who live paycheck to paycheck realize that credit would destroy them if they started to use it, and if they have issues with hospital bills or other such things like an emergency payday loan, they must be informed that they do not necessarily need to pay it.

In some people's situations it is a significantly better option to take the small credit hit than to reap the suffering that comes in trying to pay off debilitating interest.