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Android X86 is really LineageOS, so if you want to degoogle it somewhat, then I'd recommend installing f-droid and Aurora to get Google Play packages without a Google account. On one laptop I tried, the graphics card driver seemed a bit glitchy. If FPS is the goal then it's totally worth a dual-boot.


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Hi, we should talk in more detail I’m sure. More needs to be added but my network isn’t ever stable. Also, much of the information you’re probably interested is either physical evidence or it’s on one of the many offline devices I have or I risk deletion/corruption by intrusion of my devices, which if at all possible has limited amount of information at any given time.


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The government is fucked and all but the subbreddit actually doesn't seem to be relevant to anything fucked up the government is doing. I'd love to talk to you about how you feel this way. Its very possible that you're right its just that its so easy to prove the fucked up stuff the US government does that you not having much evidence is a bit weird. Also, if the government is doing fucked stuff why do you keep contacting government agencies? Do you think they are just gonna say "oh yah we kidnap children" bc you asked?