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ziq wrote (edited )

A traitor to what? Creepy rapey white men?

Edit: banned for death threats and rape apologia


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hermit_dragon wrote

Oh and OP? Many of the men who raped me as a child and made money off my torture and rape were people who 'do great good in the world' - cancer researchers, doctors, educators, etc.

I don't believe they should get a pass because of it. The evil they did outweighs any number of cancer cures or amazing research or students educated or patients treated. Because the evil they did in the world has flow on effects for entire communities and populations that include impacts on health, well being, social connection, everything.

You're thinking too naively about what trauma and harm of this kind creates in the world. No amount of 'but my GNU' will balance that shit. It's not a numbers game. You can't set up 'children raped' against 'free software developed' and act like that's a fair trade off.


hermit_dragon wrote (edited )

CW - CSA, ICSA, rape

Did you know Stallman has been a pedosadist apologist, rape apologist and misogynist for ~30 years? People have collected his statements and opinions over this time in one place, it's trivial to find it if you like, actually go looking.

Anyway - 30 YEARS

He is a grown-ass man who has held these opinions consistently for literally decades. Your hero is a rape apologist, which means your hero is probably a rapist. This is not new, he's unashamed, he's unchanged, and he's therefore a danger to people around him

I can 99.9% guarantee he's acted on his 'opinions'. I know this as a survivor of organized CSA and someone who knows intimately how these kind of people operate. In my experience, no-one bangs on about how ICSA and child rape aren't actually bad unless they are collecting ICSA and raping children.

Anyways - having been raped by near 100's of men just like Stallmen when I was an actual child, and knowing that ICSA is out there online of me being looked at by men like Stallmen, I don't feel the need to be 'the bigger person' over weather I want pedosadists/apologists anywhere near me, or in my communities. That's my hill, and I'll happily die on it.


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emma wrote

GCC has been surpassed by LLVM in terms of technical superiority, and they accomplished that in a very short time whilst kicking out misogynistic shitters along the way.


bloodrose wrote

I'm not reading a wall of text that defends a rape apologist. I highly doubt there is a bit of empathy in there for the people of this world who are afraid of men because rapists are defended and victims are harassed and threatened.


mofongo wrote

That's a lot to unravel, let's start at the beginning.

On his rant, RMS was defending an MIT fellow and colleague after it surfaced that he went to a party in Epstein private island and had sex with a 17 year old girl.

His argument was that his fellow should not face repercussions because a) he might have not known about Epstein and his dealings (which is unlikely), b) the his fellow might have not known that the girl was in a coercive situation because "she presented herself willing" and c) age/maturity/consent/legality, you know, the arguments pedophiles (sorry, ephebophiles, yuck), use to justify sex with minors.

While your intentions are in the right place, you also need to understand that there are people like Mr. Stallman that see no wrong in their thoughts and if you don't share his views you're misunderstanding or miscaractherizing him, as he very well expressed on his resignation letter.


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emma wrote


Stallman is someone who spent years harassing women in his circles. You make it sound like he was removed over a single mistake, when his antics spanned decades, and defending Epstein was just the straw that broke the camel's back.

People like Stallman drive talented women out of free software (and tech in general), and that's the real tragedy here--not the loss of some bitter old dude whose contributions in the past few years had become increasingly irrelevant anyway.


emma wrote

So much talk of "witch hunts" and "mob justice", when the most plausible scenario is that he resigned entirely willingly.