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Sugar_Honey_Ice_Tea OP wrote

Proxmox has blown me away. I watched one one hour video on YouTube and I was on my way. I did not need to rewatch or google anything to get it setup. The setup was dead simple. I even started playing around with a cluster setup and I could click my way through setting up failover.

I will need to do some research to play around with Ceph and I want to be able to redo everything I accomplished so far from the command line.


Mango wrote

LOL every modern OS is built on UNIX. Windows codebase still has at least portion of code based on 86-DOS, an UNIX-like OS that Microshit bought from a bankrupt dev. MacOS/OSX is built on BSD, a UNIX system. Linux was developed as an alternative FLOSS to UNIX, part of the GNU project. You can go as far as quoting Orbis OS from PS4 which is literally built on top of FreeBSD.

How about mobile? Android is Linux, its kernel is from Linux. iOS is based on BSD. Blackberry OS is UNIX.

Dennis Ritchie is laughing his ass off in the grave right now.