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josefStallman wrote

I'm a tad biased, but I want to bring up a couple things.

Most distros designed for new users are shit. Mint is bad, Zorin is bad, elementary is bad. They try way too hard to be Windows when they're not Windows. Even if their goal isn't too look like Windows, most "beginner" distros fail to take advantage of the fantastic user-friendliness that Linux can provide if configured correctly. Their goal is to be a drop-in replacement for an OS that a user is used to, and they all fail.

If you want a really good distro for people who are uncomfortable using a terminal, check out an enterprise-focused distro. openSUSE Leap and Fedora are the best examples of this. They both come with a wealth of excellent graphical configuration options (YaST specifically), on top of an impressively polished overall user experience. I think they both come with Gnome by default, but Plasma looks really solid and modern these days and is just a couple clicks to install (not to say gnome can't look good with a lot of work, but out of the box Plasma is much better).

My best reccomendation would have to be Korora. It's based on Fedora with a couple tweaks for regular users who don't care that much about 100% of their software being free.

I've been using Fedora for almost 6 months now, and I've never had an instance where I have to open a terminal. I've used terminals plenty, because I really like using terminals, but you never have to. If you embrace the terminal, I find it makes doing a lot of things a lot easier, but if you don't want to, you genuinely don't have to.