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sudo wrote

GCC. Now I can create whatever application I want to.


emma wrote (edited )



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sudo wrote

Lol, I guess I am defeating the spirit of the question. Choosing one would be very difficult. I suppose the applications I use the most would be Ristretto for image viewing, and mpv for watching videos and listening to music. If I had to choose between the two, I suppose I'd go with Ristretto. It'd also be nice to have GIMP or Krita, so I could create new images - maybe I could get away with it by saying an image viewer is a basic feature of any OS.


mofongo wrote

I've seen mpv being mentioned around the web before but never discussed. May I ask how does it compare to VLC.


sudo wrote

Mpv is minimalistic. So far, I haven't found a file format that mpv can't play, and there were a couple that mpv played, but VLC couldn't. When you run mpv, it automatically creates a window of the exact size as the video you're playing (and if the video is larger than your screen, it makes one as large as possible, and resizes the video). One thing I really like about is that it closes immediately after the video is done playing, saving you the trouble. It has a very simplistic UI - when you wiggle the mouse, it displays a progress bar, how far into the video (in hours, minutes, and seconds) you are, and how far you have to go. If there are subtitles or different audio tracks available, it lets you switch them, but that's it as far as the UI goes. You can pause and resume by right-clicking, or pressing the p key. You can switch to fullscreen by pressing the f key. The right and left arrow keys advance and go back by 5 seconds, respectively. Those are all the features I've discovered. If you feel like VLC is giving you feature overload, and all you want to do is just watch the video, you'll probably like mpv better.


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ziq wrote

I guess the hard drive only has 5mb of space or something.


alqm wrote

I will take systemd with me, because it depends on all applications and I will have all of them installed (: SystemD OS --rofl


__deleted_____ wrote (edited )

Since it's in addition to a browser, most applications are covered with in-browser apps thanks to html5.

So I'll have to go with games because in-browser games all suck - and since I don't want to play the same game for the next 50 years, I'll choose a retropie installation with ALL the roms.


elyersio wrote

Pacman or apt. With that I can install whatever I want.