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Last time I posted about the Librem 5, it got voted into the ground. I can understand why. Purism has had a rough track record. Some of their claims have been misleading, and much of the software on their machine is still proprietary. However, it appears that many large players in the free software community have decided that the Librem 5 may just be the future.

Both GNOME and KDE are decidedly backing the project, as is postmarketOS, and much of the community seems to be enthusiastic.

A lot of questions have been brought up, however. It's not very powerful, especially for it's price. The roadmap is hopeful, the amount of funding is unprecedented, and in the end, it will still require non-free software to run the cell modem.

I just want to understand what everyone thinks about the phone, and what can be improved in either a future version or by Purism's competitors.



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alqm wrote

It's a step in the right direction. We need that. Even if it doesn't completely revolutionize smartphones, it's still a good thing. Even if it's not completely free software, it tries to get as close as it can.


jhasse wrote

I think they should have gone with Replicant + F-Droid. It would have a lot more apps and a bigger chance of being an option for normal users.