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ShapesInMist wrote

I still wouldn't trust running an android device - even running something like Replicant.

Personally the only choice for me is to run Ubuntu touch by UB ports


alqm wrote (edited )

There is postmarketOS, which is based on Alpine Linux and still doesn't have a very developed GUI that's touch-capable... and it doesn't support many devices. LineageOS + F-Droid is farthest I can get from proprietary software until I have to find a new phone, which I expect to be more freedom friendly. Replicant only supports a few old phones and tablets.

I could even use a "non-smart" phone. I like those flip phones. So reliable. I think my smartphone only works as a security token, email notifier, quick access to browser and flashlight. I could live without.


josefStallman OP wrote

Proud flip phone user. It gets you weird looks sometimes, but if your friends are all huge nerds, you probably communicate entirely through other means anyway.


alqm wrote

My grandma wanted a smartphone so much. She always had traditional phones, and when she finally bought a "smart one", she became so stressed trying to use it. It's such a mess. Simple things became the hardest to do.


boringskip wrote

i've done pretty well with cyanogenmod without google apps, i'd use lineage but it doesn't support my older phone.


josefStallman OP wrote

True, but if you don't have a supported device or the money to get one, or are required to have one for some reason or another, this is a good first step.


boringskip wrote

For the love of satan, they need to add an Update All button