Submitted by josefStallman in freeAsInFreedom

The Talos II is a very high-end computer from Raptor Engineering, and for real, it's bad-ass. A lot of computers that run exclusively free software are pretty old and outdated, or severely underpowered but the Talos II is one of the most cutting edge computers on the market, if not the most, as it's the first computer to support PCIe 4.

Every piece of Raptor Engineering's software is free and modifiable, and every piece of their hardware is conducive to modification and hacking. This is a real computer for hackers, but is more than powerful enough for serious enterprise applications.

It's a huge step forward for the future of free software, giving us a legitimate competitor to proprietary instruction sets, ROM's, IME, etc., that doesn't put is 10 years behind the rest.



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