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Pop wrote

What's good about a totally anonymous unmoderated platform?

Do you think it's an accident that it has the userbase that it does?


jadedctrl wrote

totally anonymous


unmoderated [...] Do you think it's an accident that it has the userbase that it does?

good point! yea, that's not so rad. distribution is good, but distribution of moderation (i.e., voluntary block-lists, the sort of thing people brought up along with konsent) is pretty important


go1dfish wrote

Yep, working towards that gotten a bit sidetracked with optimization but it's all related.

Doing distributed/layered/opt-in moderation has interesting performance challenges but I'm getting pretty close to having a viable solution that will allow me to focus back on feature development.

With the most important feature development being fleshing out the moderation model to reach and exceed parity with reddit.


go1dfish wrote

You can build a non-anonymous moderated community on top of it.

Much harder to go the opposite direction.


ziq wrote (edited )

The costs are too high. Postmill can be run on $5 - $20 a month. Raddle costs 20 a month now but started at 5. notabug costs over 100 a month from what I've heard.


go1dfish wrote (edited )

Currently it's running on a single 99$/month server working on optimizations to reduce the requirements, it's already possible to run a non-indexing mirror at closer to that cost and after the next round of optimizations it should make running an indexer much less resource intensive as well. The site started on a $10/mo shared hosting but did outgrow that pretty quickly mostly as a result of a memory leak in a dependent package that has now been tracked down.

It's likely going to be a more intensive service in general due to its realtime/chat/msg oriented approach; but reducing the cost of contributing to the health of the network is one of my primary goals; even if the overall costs end up higher, they can be more evenly distributed among volunteers.

Edit: is raddle prepared to scale in the event of significant growth? Because that's been another priority of mine as I see it as the main failure of Voat leading to the culture as it exists there today. NAB is set up to scale horizontally to a point where it could eventually support reddit level traffic.