Should anti-capitalists use CC-NC?

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I've been thinking about this a bit. Maybe someone more versed in libre theory can parse this out and clarify any misunderstandings.

I think we can all agree that intellectual property is bullshit. But living under capitalism we abide by some of its conventions out of sheer practicality. For example, radical bookstores have to pay rent and sell commodities in order to spread radical community and ideas. In this light maybe it would be more strategic for us to implement Non-Commercial licenses to prevent the hard work of anti-capitalists from being recuperated. This might avoid situations such Google building it's proprietary Android on top of previously open-sourced Linux.


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jadedctrl wrote (edited )

Using CC-NC isn't too bad, really, but I only release my stuff under the CC BY-SA. I think restricting usage of cultural works and demanding people beg for permission to do something is an unnecessary inequal relationship. Releasing under the NC is an extra barrier to sharing-- if a capitalist uses your work and distributes it, even if their motives aren't in the right place, the work still gets around. Isn't that really what we want?
The NC's biggest problem is that people running things like radical bookstores wouldn't be able to sell it unless you grant them an exception. If you're easy to contact (and make it clear you'll grant exceptions to anti-capitalist groups, appropriate uses, etc, hopefully with few or no strings attached), then it's easier to circumvent that issue.


xxv wrote

Is it even possible to use exceptions with CC-licenses?


jadedctrl wrote

If you're the copyright holder, you can relicense certain copies/all copies of your work to a certain organization or something commercially, even if the original was under NC.
Licensing your work under Creative Commons doesn't take away your ability to relicense.


sudo wrote

You make a good point. I'll drop the NC clause from my licenses in the future.


zombie_berkman wrote

i like that license but i can see why people have an issue with it. if you dont plan on whatever you are making blowing up, go for it. but if you want it to potentially get big the nc will most likely kill it


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