FBReader - Libre Ebook Reader fbreader.org

Submitted by sudo in freeAsInFreedom (edited )

This is the best ebook reader I've tried (Edit: As pointed out in the comments, Calibre looks much nicer. Give it a shot first). It works for epub, fb2, html, mobi without DRM, and some other less common formats. The menu is a little bit confusing, but otherwise it works very well. Apparently it also works on android.

By the way, if you want to discuss books, head to /f/Books. I just became a mod there, and posted a list of free online libraries.


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[deleted] wrote (edited )


sudo wrote (edited )

I'll give it a shot.

Edit: Holy balls, Calibre is amazing. I shouldn't have stopped when I found FBReader.


Acererak wrote

This has been my favorite for a couple years. I like it more than Calibre(though FBReader has less features). Those two are head and shoulders above anything else I've tried.