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josefStallman wrote

Ello is definitely not free software, and it honestly just seems more pretentious than useful. Telegram is also not free software, and their encryption is less verifiably good than a lot of standard encryption methods used by things like Ring.

That being said, good resources.


MarkVale wrote

f-droid has a FOSS version of telegram.


NEOalquimista wrote (edited )

I checked the Telegram page in my F-Droid app and it contains the following warnings highlighted at the bottom:

  • This application promotes non-free network services.
  • The original source code is not entirely free.

They might have stripped off the proprietary parts from the app, but it does not seem to be very friendly to freedom by default, and a freedom-concerned citizen wouldn't feel so safe using it anyway.


MarkVale wrote (edited )

You're spot on.

The F-Droid maintainer is upgrading the app using an always older version because TG never updates their source on time. The Google Apps bits that snoops on your usage is removed and you use their private, proprietary, closed-sourced servers.

Being encrypted end-to-end as well as being tested means that they don't know what you are talking about but they will know to whom you talk.

The previews for links you send in chat will be generated by TG's servers as well so you need to disable those.