Submitted by mofongo in freeAsInFreedom (edited )

Official response:

Hi folks. Yep, it's true: Our sysadmin and onboarding teams are currently running an internal evaluation of a self-hosted GitLab CE instance, with test-drive participation from several project teams in the community and assistance from the foundation board. Sysadmin and onboarding are doing this as due diligence, in response to requests from the community and interest from within the teams. The results of this evaluation are meant to eventually be released to the wider KDE community, along with a recommendation from sysadmin and onboarding. Where we go from there will depend on the outcome of the discussion this is meant to jump-start in an informed way. Throughought this process we've been having regular calls with the GitLab folks, who have been very kind and helpful so far. Uncharted waters!

--Eike, foundation board / former sysadmin



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