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Last week's thread (non-onion link).

This week's Open Source Application of the Week is Xonotic, an open source clone of the Quake games. I'm pretty happy to see that this one won, since I played a bit of Quake 3 Arena years ago, so I'm glad to get to review a Quake-style game.

So, what do I think of Xonotic? Fucking. Awesome. I honestly can't think of a single bad thing to say about this game. The graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is exciting, and it's just fun as hell to play. Unfortunately, when I don't have anything bad to say about something, that usually means a short review, so I'll try to go into detail.

I'll start with the actual gameplay. Xonotic has the staple game modes you'd expect from a Quake clone, like deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag. In addition, it has a few unique gamemodes. One of them is Freeze Tag, where instead of fragging players on the other team, you freeze them in place. If one of your teammates is frozen, you can stand next to them for a few seconds to unfreeze them. When an entire team is frozen, the other team gets a point. Get to 10 points to win. Another one I enjoyed is Key Hunt, where there are three teams, and a random player on each team is given a key. If the keyholder is killed, they drop the key, and another player can pick it up. To score, either pick up all 3 keys, or have all 3 keys held by players on your team, and meet up (get close enough together on the map). These put a really interesting spin on the game, and, as far as I know, there aren't any other Quake clones with gamemodes like these.

The weapons are really fun, too. In Xonotic, most weapons have a primary fire and a secondary fire. For example, the Mortar's primary fire shoots mortar shells, but the secondary fire shoots grenades (slightly different). Also, some of the weapons have different effects when you hold down the primary fire button. For example, the devastator (rocket launcher) will launch a rocket, then have the rocket start following your crosshairs if you keep holding down the primary fire button. This adds a lot of variety to the game. My personal favourite weapons are the Hagar and the Crylink.

The maps are well designed, in my opinion. They all have a futuristic theme to them (as does everything in the game), and they seem to be pretty balanced. Note that I haven't played on every map in the game, but from the ones that I have (which seem to be most of them), they are good.

That's really all that I have to say about it - it's just too good for me to criticize. If anyone here wants to play a few matches with me, send me a PM, and we'll see what times we're available. Also, go vote for next week's application (non-onion link).

Until next week!



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NEOalquimista wrote

I stopped playing Steam games shortly after I started playing Xonotic. As you described, it's really entertaining and nostalgic. Back in CS:GO, all I had was stress. Too many kids trolling, singing, screaming, going the wrong way, and people kicking you out of competitive matches for the smallest of reasons... and I realized that those games were not fun anymore. CS:GO is where retarded capitalist fascist youngsters can show who they really are. What they do in CS:GO is what they would love to do IRL. Ha!

We can play next weekend, if it's okay to you! BTW, where do you live? I think it could get laggy because I'm in Brazil.

Woah, I didn't know about the rocket launcher trick. Nice review!


sudo OP wrote

It's not just the rocket launcher; other weapons sometimes have different effects when you hold down left click. Try them out!


alqm wrote (edited )

There's a grapple gun in some matches. You fire by pressing "E", it grabs a wall or an enemy and pulls you towards that direction. Careful, though. If you let it drag you too far and too fast, it might hurt or kill you on impact.

The grapple gun lets you climb places you wouldn't normally be able to.


Raisins wrote

Wow, I gotta try this thing.


zod wrote

I loved Goldeneye on N64 because of the 'one shot kills' mode, does this have that? It's not fun for me when you have to stand in front of each other holding the button down until one of you runs out of health.


PoisonDartFrog wrote

The best way to play that game - License to Kill mode (one shot kills) and proximity mines.


NEOalquimista wrote (edited )

Man, that's hardcore. You have to keep moving all the time or you get pwned before you can say "oops". The others come out of nowhere and pow! ded. (talking about Xonotic)


sudo OP wrote

There isn't an official game mode like this, but you could probably mod it and make one. All you'd have to do is make it blaster-only, and make the blaster deal an ungodly amount of damage, so it always one-hit kills.

But if you haven't tried normal deathmatches on Xonotic, give it a shot - it's a lot more than just holding down the left mouse button, especially given the diversity of weapons.


DeathToAmerica wrote

Sounds awesome, I haven't played a first person shooter since Timesplitters 2.


Defasher wrote (edited )

I tried that but it didn't hold my interest. Perfect Dark was the last one that grabbed me.