Submitted by josefStallman in freeAsInFreedom

Several times, anarchist discord channels have been posted to this site. As the site's primary tech forum, I believe we should decide on a legitimate alternative to fulfil the same kind of community chatroom functionality while using the values of free software.

IRC with OTR is always an option, but any ideas are welcome.



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boringskip wrote

Matrix and (network and client)

Does most of what Discord does, but it's open source, federated, and supports encrypted channels and PMs. They're adding channel and user groups soon too, so it'll be even more like discord.

I made a list of leftist channels


sudo wrote

Sweet, I've been wanting to get a riseup account for a while now, but I didn't know anyone else with one. Could you create an invitation for me?


boringskip wrote

IRC exposes your IP to anyone who wants it, without special non-standard server settings. Also it's complicated and people hate downloading desktop apps these days.


___ wrote

The configuration I linked hides your IP from anyone using /whois. I don't recommend using a popular network because you never know what goes on behind the scenes, it is better if a trusted member of the community runs their own IRC server and properly configures it.