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elyersio OP wrote

that. god. damn. thumbnail.


xxi wrote

Every time I see that video I'm baffled. Somebody put real work into it. Amazing.


Communism_not_Barbarism wrote

We have to reach the widest audience we can, we can only do that on youtube. Preaching to the converted doesn't help us.


disfalo wrote (edited )

We have to reach the widest audience we can

Who is "we"? Why we need to reach the widest audience? How does PeerTube not lets you access the widest audience you can and is YouTube better? As far as I know, it's just a video with a URL, even more because it can be in other instances, so everyone capable of playing videos and execute JavaScript can access it.


martasultan wrote

I believe they're working on clients that don't require JS, so maybe not even that soon!


elyersio OP wrote

Does that mean I can look at videos in lynx? :o