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zzuum wrote

Python is a nice easy and useful language. Just go to codecademy or one of the many free learning sites


kore wrote

yep, python is a quick and easy start and you'll become multilingual soon enough so it doesn't matter too too much what language you pick to start


throwaway wrote

Freelance python web developer here, my vote goes to Python too. It's simple once you learn to think 'programatically', there's no strange requirements when it comes to syntax, and you can easily learn many other languages once you get the hang of it.

It's also incredibly versatile. You can make tiny scripts, huge logical applications, webshops made fully custom with awesome CMS's such as Wagtail - the possibilities are almost endless.

If you're feeling experimental and want to try something new, that might be the bright new future, but could also be nothing but trash, try a functional programming language such as Elixir, and learn the framework that goes along with it for web development, Phoenix.

Good luck (: